Russian Design Week International (in English)

Dates: April 17-23, 2017.
Deadline of registration: April 10, 2017 (inclusive).
Competition program, exhibition and master-classes will take place on the following art-space:
“Art-Center NaKrimskom Valu, 8", Moscow, ul, Krimsky Val, 8/2

There are two ways to participate: ONLINE (in absentia) and IN PERSON (internal way).
For participation at Russian Design Week program the following projects are admitted:
1) «Professional» Category: projects finished in 2008-2017 which demonstrate design elements using in solving of the set task and concentrate attention on information transfer, identity or pictures in the created environment
2) «Student» Category: student items finished in 2011-2017
3) «Amateur » Category: authors, self-taught, without art education, building their work as a hobby, for personal fulfillment.
The above mentioned categories are accommodated at the exhibition with the following separate appraisal by the Expert Council.
See the Rules

Documents necessary for registration:
a) Application Form (in Word)
b) Labels for each design project (in Word)
c) Copy of entrance fee payment
d) Brief project description (its idea, used materials and technologies, dimensions)
e) Pictures of presented items (sketches and /or drawings of items, or their photo (.jpeg, .tif) or .pdf-files, on author’s discretion photomontage is allowed for better visualization
f) Author’s photo
Materials are forwarded to Organization Committee in the following way:
a) by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
b) on post address of Organization Committee: 119049, Moscow, Krymsky Val str. 8/2, office 352-5.
Technical requirements:
1) Two forms of participation are equal in rights: BY PERSONAL PRESENCE and IN ABSENTIA. IN ABSENTIA items are printed by Organization Committee (A3 format) with the following allocation at the exhibition.
a) Participation BY PERSONAL PRESENCE includes exhibiting of originals or copies of works of authorship;
b) IN ABSENTIA participation includes presentation of works of authorship in the electronic form.
2) Technical characteristics of items presented for the exhibition:
a) Participation BY PERSONAL PRECENCE: project size – not less than 200cm along the big size;
b) IN ABSENTIA participation: file not less than 200 dpi, up to 15 Mb
3) Author (group of authors) may present any number of projects in any nomination but every project (single project or series) is appraised as independent item.
4) Preparation of exhibiting item:
a) All items should be equipped with label (label 7х3 cm., in the right lower corner, on the face side). The following info is to be given on the label: a) Author’s name and family name (or group of authors) b) town c) name of an item d) nomination e) manner of performance f) dimensions g) year of creation h) name of the Company whose presents an author.
b) For participants who take part in the competition personally all the exhibited items should have fastenings/hooks for hanging on vertical panel or sitting on stand.
c) For IN ABSENTIA participants items are presented to Organization Committee in .jpeg or .tiff format; not less than 200 dpi, not more than 15 Mb.


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